Welcome to our natural holistic dental family!

Gentle Dental Care from a Friendly Knowledgeable Dentist! 

We are here to help you on your road to better health!

We are so delighted that you have chosen our practice to provide you with the best holistic dental care available. We practice Enlightened Dentistry™, an innovative paradigm of progressive natural holistic dentistry, encompassing wellness and healing.  

All is done to improve your dental health in the most stress-free manner possible. Comprehensive dental care is offered with an emphasis on preventative and natural philosophies. 

Your dental needs are thoroughly evaluated and recommendations are made to provide you with a complete program of oral care that results in a beautiful and healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.   

Our modern facility is conveniently located in midtown Manhattan, New York City. We have the most technologically advanced techniques and equipment available. Yet the treatment we provide is warm and personal. If you`ve ever felt rushed at the dentist, you`ll be pleasantly surprised when you choose us for your dental care!


22 Reasons To Have Your New Patient Visit With Us:

1.      Our office is Mercury-free

2.      Our office is BPA ( bis phenol A) free

3.      We completely review your medical history and its relationship to your oral health

4.      Comprehensive Oral Examination at each visit, including basic oral cancer screening

5.      Gentle Dental Cleaning

6.      Digital Computerized X-rays (90% reduction in radiation)

7.      Homeopathic Remedy offered before all x-rays taken

8.      Antioxidant Vitamin C offered before all full mouth series x-rays taken

9.      Lead vest with thyroid shield placed before all x-rays taken

10.    Periodontal screening

11.    Laser Diagnostic cavity detection

12.    Tongue reading (Chinese medicine)

13.    Blood Pressure screening

14.    Oxygen saturation screening 

14.    Saliva pH screening

16.    Vizilite Advanced Oral Cancer screening available (additional fee)

17.    Pure Distilled Water used in all dental procedures

18.    EMF Guards on all Computers and X-Ray machines for your protection

19.    Our Meditative 2-Minute Tune Up to balance your energy field

20.    Nutritional  recommendations for improved health and detoxification

21.    Aromatherapy and healing sound frequencies throughout the office

22.    We do as much as possible to insure your safety and comfort in a healthy restorative environment


My experience was awesome!!! My first time going to a natural dentist and I will totally make this part of my life. Dr Brand didn't have to drill on my tooth. She used air abrasion, and it was painless. ---Ana G.
19 west 34th street ny ny 10001